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Events West Wyalong

A group of people from various walks of life that come together to organise events for the West Wyalong, NSW community and it's many visitors.

Extraordinary Meeting - 6:30pm Mon 15th Aug 2017

At Apra Curry House (Cameo Inn Motel) 263 Neeld St. All members are encouraged to attend.


We aim to host and organise a variety of events that the West Wyalong community and it's visitors can enjoy and participate in.
Our objective is to deliver diverse and memorable cultural experiences - providing fun and learning.


This is a yearly festival organised by Events West Wyalong starting in 2012 with 'Paris in the West' the West.’ We look forward to our 6th 'in the West' festival, where we have fun celebrating a World culture with an Australian twist. This year we will turn the telescope right around and look at Australia itself, with‘Aussie-fest in the West’ on 27th, 28th & 29th October 2017.

'In The West' Art Prize

Our in the West Art Prize in 2015 & 2016 was proudly sponsored by Bland Shire Council. We will be seeking sponsorship again in 2017 and hope to run a similar event with it's Major $1000 Acqusitive 'in the West' Art Prize.

'In the west' Photo Competition

Local photographers compete for prizes, exhibiting their visions of the Festival's theme plus a fascinating range of work on other photographic subjects. Organised by West Wyalong Photographic Club.

Evolution Moning Cowal

are the real

We raise funds ourselves but it would be impossible to continue without the real heros... our sponsors. Evolution Mining were the first to jump on board this year offering assistance for our 'Aussi-Fest in the West' We aim to make any sponsorship of our events a worthwhile choice for your business and welcome your involvement and help. Even the smallest sum can make all the difference and is apreciated by all.


Our Story

Events West Wyalong was formed August 2009. We are a group of people from various walks of life that come together to organise various events for the West Wyalong community

  • Paris in the West - Oct 2012
  • Sweeden in the West - Oct 2013
  • Mexico in the West - Oct 2014
  • Athens in the West - Oct 2015
  • India in the West - Oct 2016
  • This year it's - Aussi-fest in the West
  • Other community events include: New Year Celebrations with Fireworks - 2012 & 2014
  • We also assist other local organisations:
  • ie: Bland Shire Council's Melbourne Cup Gold Celebrations in 2016


Latest News




Bland Shire Council

Agree to assist Aussi-Fest in the West and The in the West Art Prize




Attend our next meeting

Please feel free to sit-in on the next Events West Wyalong meeting, we value any input and there is not pressure to join.

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Events West Wyalong

Address: PO Box 12, West Wyalong NSW 2671

Chair: Martin Lane

Telephone: 02 6972 1858

Mobile: 0408 179 103


Vice Chair: Gail Platz

Telephone: 02 6972 2255

Mobile: 0421 121 214